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Developing Mobile Friendly Websites


We are making a few changes around here so that we can better serve small business needs.  Part of that change is a spin off business we’ve created call Tiny Giant Web Solutions. 


Our purpose in creating Tiny Giant Web Solutions is to separate the distinct differences between the two entities allowing Tiny Giant to solely focus on small business, rapid deployment, and lower cost website development.

Tiny Giant Web Solutions personally engages with each customer in order to understand their specific needs in their market to help their business grow in a cost effective manner. Through the building of personal relationships with our customers, we uniquely present their services and brand to consumers on the internet.

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Website and Search Engine Optimization

  • Develop a Mobile Friendly Website
  • Build rich content relevant to the business processes and services
  • Website optimization through testing pages to improve its conversion rates through visitor engagement, speed testing, analytics or content grading, and page layout functional testing
  • Develop click ad campaigns to ignite traffic
  • Monitor traffic and interaction with pages and make A/B changes – SEO

Business Owner – Web Designer?

Anyone today with basic computer skills can quickly throw a template page together and call it a website. However, will it professionally represent your business and function to your viewers expectations, a critical aspect is whether or not it will keep the viewer on the site and assist in causing them to take positive action such as seek an appointment with you, buy your product, etc.

We at xString Commands work hard to understand your needs and goals for your website so we can develop the correct product to maximum your investment.  We offer basic, intermediate and advanced e-commerce development options since one size doesn’t fit all.

The Woodlands Texas, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone Application Development

Mobile application development

  • Make better-informed decisions.
  • Make change work to your advantage.
  • Make every minute count.

People utilize their time more productively when they’re equipped with the proper tools to access information remotely.

According to International Data Corporation, the “world’s mobile worker population will reach 1.3 billion, representing 37.2% of the total workforce by 2015.” The share of the mobile workforce is even higher if we focus on the business roles such as sales, where mobility is a critical component for success. Business models that rely on insight through outdated or limited capabilities can no longer compete in an ever-increasing global market, which simply dictates mobile execution.


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